Carrot And Ginger Juice For Weight Loss

Did you know that carrots and ginger are great for helping you lose weight? Well, they sure are!

And we want to explain why it works so well and when you should drink carrot ginger juice for the best results!

Keep reading to discover how this great combination of carrot and ginger juice for weight loss works!


How Does Carrot And Ginger Juice For Weight Loss Work


How Does Carrot And Ginger Juice For Weight Loss Work?

Carrot and ginger juice for weight loss works in many different ways. First, carrots and ginger are both very low in calories while being high in fiber and flavor.

The fiber helps to keep you feeling fuller for a longer amount of time. Because you don’t get hungry as much, it helps you to keep from snacking on junk food between meals, which helps eliminate those empty calories!

Additionally, carrot and ginger juice increases the production of bile in your digestive system. The secretion of bile helps your body to burn fat. Obviously, the more fat you burn, the more weight you lose!

Carrot and ginger juice, at only 129 calories per glass, plays host to many healthy benefits including boosting your immune system, preventing cancer and promoting heart health!

Experts suggest drinking one glass, approximately eight ounces, three times per week before breakfast to get the most benefit.


What Else Goes Well With Carrot And Ginger Juice For Weight Loss?

Like with many juice recipes, there’s always room to add different fruits and vegetables to change it up! Especially if you have a particularly difficult time getting a specific nutrient. Try our Orange Zinger juice recipe.

One great example is adding green apples. Green apples add to the sweetness of the juice as well as adding other great benefits for your weight loss plan.

How? Green apples are another low calorie, high fiber food. Adding them to your carrot and ginger juice for weight loss means you absorb more nutrients and fewer calories and feel fuller longer.

Green apples also have the highest number of fat limiting polyphenols over other apple varieties. Additionally, green apples increase the good bacteria in your gut.

A healthier gut decreases your risk of inflammation and therefore metabolic syndrome, which has a direct link to obesity!


How Does Carrot And Ginger Juice Weight Loss


What Are The Benefits Of Carrots?

Carrots have many weight loss benefits. Carrots are very high in fiber and water, making you feel fuller for much longer. High fiber foods take longer to digest creating that feeling of being full. Carrots are also high in potassium, vitamins A, C and K.

Carrots are also high in dietary fiber which aids the digestive processes. You might not think of this as being helpful to weight loss, but if you don’t feel well, and are bloated or constipated, do you really want to go work out at the gym? I know I sure don’t.

Finally, carrots are low in fat and calories and score low in glycemic index scale meaning they help to maintain insulin levels which also helps with weight loss.


How Does Carrot And Ginger Juice For Weight Loss Work So Well


What Are The Benefits Of Ginger?

Ginger has some really powerful benefits for weight loss that you may not be aware of! First, it aids in digestive processes. As previously mentioned, helping your digestive system stay on track helps you to feel better and more like getting up and exercising!

Ginger is an all-natural appetite suppressant. No more chemicals to suppress your appetite! Ginger tastes better too.

One really interesting attribute of ginger is that it actually causes your blood vessels to expand which turns up your body heat. And upping your body heat burns more fat!

Lastly, ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory. By reducing the inflammation in your body you can recover from workouts more quickly and exercise more.


You Are Able To Consume More Juicing Then Eating

Because it is best to consume carrots in their raw state to get the most nutrient bang for your buck, juicing them is a great way to get your carrot intake quickly and easily!

The ginger, besides bringing out the natural sweetness in carrots, has a host of benefits itself. As do the green apples thrown in to flavor the juice even more, assuming you choose to do so.


How Does Carrot And Ginger Juice Weight Loss Work


This Juice Lasts For Up To 5 Days, If you Don’t Drink It All

It is best to drink it several times a week. To make it easier for yourself use a centrifugal or masticating juicer and make a big batch at the beginning of the week. Just keep it in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, making it an easy go-to juice during the week!

There are a plethora of reasons to implement carrot and ginger juice for weight loss into your diet and exercise plan today!