Watermelon Juice Benefits For Weight Loss

When you think about burning fat, you normally think of intense exercise.

Well, one of the watermelon juice benefits for weight loss is the ability to perform during exercise and minimise muscle fatigue.

Watermelon is not just delicious and refreshing but contains lycopene and citrulline which are highly beneficial organic compounds for weight loss.

The fruit works for weight loss and at the same time contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and several other health benefits.

One of these health benefits is higher libido, which enhances your sex drive.

Which results in an overall healthier you.


Watermelon Health Benefits


What Are The Watermelon Juice Benefits For Weight Loss?

Watermelon is one of the most useful fruits you’ll ever come across. For thousands of years, the people of ancient Egypt have used it for different purposes.

Today, watermelon juice is regarded as one of the most powerful foods to assist weight loss. When you eat too much junk food, your body stores the fat because it can’t immediately make use of it.

Even excess carbohydrates are stored as fat because your body can’t store carbohydrates. Fat cells contain lots of acids and toxicity. These will never leave as long as your body retains its acidic state.

With has alkaline-forming properties which can help reduce the acidity of your body so you can burn fat.

Watermelon is also rich in nutrients considered to be very useful in eliminating excess fat in the body. You can consume watermelon as a whole by chewing which some people prefer.

However, the best way to enjoy it is to make it into a juice, which makes it easy to consume and digest. All of the nutrients will be broken down so that your body can assimilate it effectively.

Watermelon juice benefits also include controlled blood pressure, improves skin and hair health, improves bone health, supports the kidney, strengthens the immunity, prevents cell damage, and promotes better sexual health and may induce a viagra like effect.


Watermelon Juice Benefits For Weight Loss


Why Does Watermelon Juice Work For Weight Loss?

There are many things you need to put in place if you want to lose weight, one of which is eating the right food. No matter how much you exercise, without taking control of what you consume you can’t successfully get rid of the fat in your body.

Watermelon juice is one of the fruits you must have in your diet because it can help you lose weight including the stubborn belly fat.

Juicing for weight loss with watermelon delivers essential elements into your body.

These elements react with your system, balance your PH level, and create the perfect environment for burning fat.

It’s not like you couldn’t lose weight without watermelon but consuming the fruit gives your fat cells a tough time making them much easier to eliminate.

The fibre is a bonus in the long list of watermelon juice benefits for weight loss as it is vital for a healthy digestive system. The juice contains fibre which helps to keep the colon clean, which is another thing that can promote weight loss at a very quick rate.

Watermelon contains 90% of water which helps to make you feel full without feeling you out.

Also, the fruit doesn’t contain so many calories, which means you can eat lots of it without the fear of exceeding your daily requirements.

Another watermelon juice benefit for weight loss is that it can help soothe aching muscles, so that you can work-out much better and faster and burn more fat than usual.


Watermelon Juice For Weight Loss



What Is Lycopene? How Does It Aid Weight Loss?

One of the active natural elements inside watermelon is Lycopene. It is a phytochemical found in watermelon and other fruits like tomatoes, papayas, carrots, etc.

Lycopene is not soluble in water which is why it is responsible for staining a lot of cookware with orange color.


Lycopene Benefits

The benefit of lycopene in getting rid of fat is massive. Lycopene is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Which simply means, while you consume the fruit for weight loss, it also helps you get rid of toxicity and purifies the body.

As a woman, lycopene helps fight against candidiasis and yeast infections in the vagina.

Lycopene also fights cancer cells and is effective against breast cancer and uterine cancer.

It also helps to eliminate pain. So you can successfully perform your exercise routine, correct cell corruption in the brain, and makes your bones strong. All of which can contribute to your weight loss plan. Which is why watermelon juice benefits for weight loss are so high.


How Lycopene Works

When you consume watermelon, the lycopene moves to help your body protect against oxidative damage to the lipids and DNA. Lycopene also quenches a reactive form of oxygen known as “singlet oxygen”, which explains why it is such a powerful antioxidant.


Watermelon Juice Benefits For Weight Loss

What is Citrulline?

Citrulline is an organic compound, and alpha-amino acid found in watermelon and is also a byproduct of arginine.

The compound is one of the elements that gives watermelon its ability to help burn fat and eliminate toxic content from the body.


Citrulline Benefits

Your watermelon juice benefits for weight loss will be ineffective if you don’t work out regularly. The job of watermelon is to fill your body with the right ingredients so it can be easier for you to lose fat and get fit.

Citrulline helps increase your energy level which is needed for you to maintain your agility, stamina, and endurance during exercise. It also reduces muscle fatigue and boosts the capacity of your muscle.

Another benefit of Citrulline in juicing for weight loss is when it changes your body composition. By increasing lean muscle mass and lowering the fat in your system.

The presence of Citrulline helps your body manufacture a protein known as mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM). Which increases and repair the number of Mitochondria in the body.

Citrulline is also a precursor of L-arginine, responsible for promoting heart health and strengthening your body to perform a better exercise.


How Does Citrulline Work

Citrulline is converted to an amino acid known as arginine in the body. When this happens, the arginine levels in the body improves, which causes an increase in the flow of blood and nutrient delivery.

It delivers more energy into your body so that you can become more active and get better in your exercise to lose weight.


Watermelon Juicing For Weight Loss


Watermelon Nutrition Values

The reason why there are watermelon juice benefits for weight loss is that of the nutrients that the fruits contain.

One way or the other, each of these elements makes a contribution to your body. Either, by reducing pain, increasing nutrient absorption, giving energy, or burning fat to help you lose weight.


Protein In Watermelon

Protein is needed for the building blocks of life, and to lose weight. You will need protein to make up enzymes in your body and power chemical reactions.

Watermelon contains 0.6g protein per 100 grams, which is about 1% of the content. For extra watermelon juice benefits for weight loss add  the seeds into the juicer. This you’ll be able to get some extra protein into your system.

Watermelon contains some vitamins which give it the ability to replenish your body with essential elements while you lose weight.

It contains 11% vitamin A, 13% vitamin C, etc. These vitamins, like the Vitamin C, give it the antioxidant capacity to help get rid of free radicals that cause cancer.


Watermelon Iron & Potassium

Watermelon health benefits also involve a 1% iron content. Iron is responsible for haemoglobin formation, improves muscle function, and carries oxygen to greater parts of the body.

Iron is also very useful when it comes to improving your metabolism and helping you burn more fat from your body.

There is also 112mg of potassium which amounts to 3% per 100 grams. Potassium is good for weight loss because it improves blood pressure, and reduces stress, fatigue and headaches.


Watermelon Sugar Content

The watermelon sugar content is about 6 grams per 100 grams, so it’s quite limited.

As you already know, watermelon contains Lycopene and Citrulline which are organic chemical compounds. These play important role in stabilizing your body, improving nutrient absorption, and increasing energy and metabolism.


Watermelon Juice Benefits Weight Loss


Other Watermelon Juice Health Benefits

Apart from losing weight and helping you retain your feminine figure, watermelon offers so many other benefits.

It improves your heart health by reducing the number of fat deposits in your blood vessels.

Watermelon juice benefits for weight loss also include proper hydration as it contains 90% water content, adding in the removal of toxins from the body.

Free radicals damage the body and cause cancer. By fighting against free radicals, watermelon help to reduce the possibility of developing cancer cells.

If you’re having problems with digestion, you probably don’t have enough fiber in your diet. Watermelon supplies the body with plenty of fiber thus preventing constipation and promoting digestion.


Watermelon Juice During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you might experience health issues like heartburns, morning sickness, and muscle cramps.

The fruit contains essential minerals that help the body fight against all of these issues.



I use a slow masticating juicer for watermelon. Watermelon juice is great tasting by itself and it doesn’t need to have anything mixed with it. But, if you would like something to complement it’s flavor try adding some fresh mint into the juicer.

Watermelon juice benefits for weight loss are limitless. The fruit contains minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds that transform your body. Making it possible for you to lose weight with ease.

Watermelon also contains 90% water that helps to keep the body hydrated, which is vital for good health. Therefore, making you feel full which reduces your cravings and makes you eat less.

Watermelon juice benefits for weight loss are their highest when it is drank in the morning. This way your body can assimilate all the nutrients for you to have a successful weight loss plan.

It will also help improve your exercise performance and can be used as a pre-workout, so that your body can receive the best it deserves.