Best Hydraulic Juice Press Machines For 2020

This article is highlighting the 5 best hydraulic juice press machines for 2020, in aiding weight loss through juicing.

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You will save your time and energy researching the best hydraulic juicers because we have them here in one place.

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You will have the best information, resulting in more confidence in choosing the best hydraulic juicer to suit your needs.

But first what is a hydraulic juice press? And how can it aid you in weight loss?


Norwalk model 280 best hydraulic juice press review


What Is A Hydraulic Juice Press?

A hydraulic juice press is a juicer that uses pressure to squeeze the juice out of your produce. First, you must prepare the produce then wrap it in a pressing cloth which is porous to allow the juices to flow out.

The cloth is usually made of linen and it is advisable to clean them after every use. Eventually, they wear out.

Now, with the aid of a hydraulic press, the produce is pressed between two steel plates. This squeezes out every last drop of nutritious juice.

With this method the juice does not heat up or lose any nutrients.


Juicing for weight loss is slowly turning from a diet into a way of life for nutrition and fitness lovers all over the world. If you are considering trying out juicing then having the right juicer is essential.

There are many types of juicers out there but by far the most efficient types of juicers are hydraulic juice press.

Before you waltz into an electronics store looking for a hydraulic juice press you must do your research.

We have reviewed the best hydraulic juicers on the market and provided links to some of the best deals online to make it easy for you find a good dealer.

Finding the right juicer to suit your needs will often determine your juicing experience.


See What Makes The Best Hydraulic Juice Press List

When it comes to juicing a hydraulic juice press can be your best friend but each has its own capabilities and shortcomings. Here is a list of the best hydraulic juice presses in our opinion.


Brand: Samson Brands

Model: Welles Or Peoples Juice Press


Welles manual best hydraulic juice press review


The Welles hydraulic juice press has been around for quite a while and is one of the best hydraulic juicers on the market.

It has two tons of pressure that will let you squeeze every last drop of juice from your produce. It’s bulky but it would fit in your kitchen if you really wanted it.

It comes with over 50 reviews on Amazon, receiving a 3.6 star rating. It comes with a price tag of around $350.

This includes limited warranties, a 10 year warranty on the frame and a 1 year warranty on the hydraulic press.


Welles Juice Press Pros
  • Does not use electricity so it saves you energy costs
  • It’s easy to use and has a pretty straightforward process
  • Easy to clean; the pulp will be contained in the linen cloth so all you need to do is wipe it clean
  • Quiet operation
  • 2 tonne metric pressure
  • ABS plastic press plate and tray
  • 1 year warranty on hydraulic jack
  • 10 year warranty on frame


Welles Juice Press Cons
  • This juicer has a hard time with leafy greens
  • It does not come with a juice jug


Brand: Norwalk

Model: 280 Hydraulic Press Juicer


Best Norwalk 280 hydraulic juice press review


The Norwalk model 280 hydraulic juice press has been around for quite a while also. Its vintage design will fit right into your kitchen perfectly. There is no question about the quality of juice it produces.

If you choose the Norwalk model 280, it will definitely be your juicing companion for a long while. Made in the USA from food grade stainless steel.

It comes with a 12 year warranty. Easily removable parts which makes cleaning a quick and easy process.

The Norwalk Juice Press has only 6 reviews on Amazon with 4.2 stars. This juicer is heavy duty and is made for commercial use. But for a dedicated juicer looking for a fast, reliable juicer to last a long time this is the one for you.

For those who are interested in this juicer you are making an investment in your time. With a hefty price tag of around $2600 you are with it for the long haul.

Norwalk Juicer Press Pros
  • Equipped with a vortex cutter for tuning your produce to pulp
  • Has 100 pounds of pressure to squeeze out all the nutritious juice
  • Quiet operation
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • 12 year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • It is heavy and difficult to move weighing around 70 pounds
  • Does not come with a juice jug


Brand: 10T

Model: Hand Type Hydraulic Fruit Sugar Cane Juicer

The 10T hand type hydraulic juice press is aptly named due to its 10-ton pressure capability. With such a tremendous amount of pressure, there is no produce that this juicer cannot handle. It has a solid stainless steel design but it is a bit awkward in shape. It is easily portable weight only around 5.29 kgs


10T Hand Type Pros
  • Quiet operation
  • Requires no electricity
  • Easy to clean as compared to other juicers
10T Hand Type Cons
  • Does not come with a juice jug
  • The linen cloths have to be replaced after a couple of uses which can be expensive.

Price: Approx. $295.00


Brand: Jasna

Model: Jasna Hydraulic Juice Press


The Jasna hydraulic juice press boasts an industrial design that is both practical and effective for juicing. It has a wider tray than most other hydraulic juicers and hence can accommodate more produce at one go. It also has an awkward design and will stand out in your kitchen.


Jasna Hydraulic Juice Press Pros
  • Since it can press more produce at once it is really fast
  • Stainless steel construction which makes it easy to clean
  • Equipped with a hydraulic assist pump so it is easy to use


Jasna Hydraulic Juice Press Cons
  • It has some trouble juicing leafy vegetables
  • Comes with only a 24-month warranty

Price: Approx. 419.00 €


Brand: Goodnature

Model: CT7 Countertop Cold Press Juicer


This is a fairly new entrant into the hydraulic juice press niche but is already making waves. It has a beautiful design that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen.

It has the latest tech and instead of it being manual like other hydraulic juicers this one uses electricity.

Goodnature Countertop Pros
  • Single-use disposable and recyclable cloths
  • Equipped with pre-programmed pressing cycles so you can do something else while it works.
  • Quiet operation
  • It is fast
  • Easy to clean


Goodnature Countertop Cons
  • It is quite expensive
  • Requires a longer prep time than other hydraulic juice presses

Price: Approx. $2900