Can Juicing Help With Weight Loss?

Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?


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Can juicing help with weight loss? I think the real question is why so many people need to lose weight in the first place. The struggle with our weight is fast becoming unbeatable for many people. Especially in Western society where a walk down a grocery aisle gives you choices of packet food or more packet food.

And we all buy into it. Why? Because it is convenient and fast, and what else are we supposed to do when we are all so busy? Couple this with the stress in daily life of raising a family, working and keeping a clean house and it is a recipe for gaining weight.

Yes, time is a factor in allowing yourself to eat unhealthy food. But I think the real reason is not really knowing what else to do.

If our schools focused more on daily nutrition, perhaps we wouldn’t find ourselves in this overweight mess in the first place. But then, how would major food industries make all of their money?

So it is up to us to educate ourselves. After all, it is our lives that we need to take back control of.


How Can Juicing Help With Weight Loss?

I recommend starting by reading my post on Juicing For Weight Loss and Energy for a better understanding on why and how juicing works for weight loss:


Can Juicing Help With Weight Loss


It is no secret that increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and decreasing preservatives, dairy and meat products improves overall health. But the question still remains, can juicing help with weight loss?

In my experience, once you start eating, or drinking, a more natural diet, you start craving more natural food. And the preservative based food that you once thought was delicious now seems tiresome to even think about, let alone eat.

So by cutting out this high caloric packet food, as well as reducing animal product intake, it is almost guaranteed that you will lose weight.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as the quantity of food you are eating and how active you are. These factors are different for everyone, so it’s something that you generally will figure out along the way.

Studies show that the more plant based foods you have in your diet, the more naturally active you become. So this does make it easier to get up and moving, and aid the weight loss process.

By juicing, we are putting a range of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients into our bodies that would be hard to get if we had to eat all of those fruits and vegetables. By consuming these nutrients in a juice, it saves us a lot of time if we had to cook and eat the quantities needed for juicing.

That means you will start feeling satisfied without all of the extra, unnecessary calories. After all, the reason most people over eat is because they are not feeling satisfied with what they have already eaten. Why? Because their bodies haven’t received all of the nutrients it needs.

So drinking a nutrient dense juice is the perfect way to combat cravings.


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Is a Plant Based Diet Really Better?

There are numerous studies for having a plant based diet to improve health. Is it necessary though? It is a massive change for most people in Western society to have a plant based diet. And it is hard to change if you have friends and family around you who think they have your best interest at heart by discouraging you to do something seemingly drastic for your health.

Speaking from experience, moving towards a plant based diet is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your body. The only way I can describe it is that you don’t really know how cloudy you are until you’re not. The amount of energy that you have increased dramatically, which is a wonderful feeling. And aside from the health benefits, it is also much more sustainable and better for the environment.

If you are interested in learning about the health benefits of a plant based diet, The China Study is a great place to start.

All I can ask is that you educate yourself on studies like this and go in with an open mind. It might be hard to think that a diet without meat can be healthy. I certainly went through the same thing, struggling to understand why I was taught to eat meat and drink milk to be healthy when there were numerous studies disproving this.

It is ultimately up to each individual, but at least increasing your fruit and veggie intake by juicing and decreasing preservatives will make a world of difference for your weight and your health.


How To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey

If you have read my post on Juicing For Weight Loss and Energy, you will know that juicing doesn’t involve meal replacement, but rather an addition to your daily diet.

However, juice fasting is also a great way to lose weight. What does juice fasting involve?

Juicing fasting is when you only consume fruit and vegetable juices and water for a duration of days. This acts a body cleanse which is great for overall health, as it also acts as a great weight loss plan.

It is important to know that juice cleansing should only be done once every few months for a few days. However cleansing can last anywhere from 3 days to 30 days. The duration you chose will depend on your experience and what your goals are.

I do a juice fast for 5 days, once every 3-6 months. It keeps me on track and gives me boost of energy.

The first 3 days are usually the hardest as you may feel hunger and lack of energy as you get used to fasting. It is after the 3 days mark when you generally feel the great effects of fasting. If you are a beginner to fasting, I recommend starting with the 3 day cleanse and working your way from there.

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Of course, doing a juice fast is not essential for your weight loss to be successful. If you don’t feel that fasting is for you, then add a daily juice of around 500ml  to your diet. You can substitute a meal or two with juice, being 500-800ml of juice per meal. However, you will most likely find that adding once juice will decrease your food cravings dramatically which will aid your weight loss journey.

So, can juicing help with weight loss? Absolutely! I have put the theory into practice and so can you.

Happy Juicing!