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How To Pick The Right Juicer

Once you have decided that you want juicing to be a part of your lifestyle, you are going to need a good juicer at home.

There is no juicer that will be perfect for everyone. We all have different priorities and budgets, so it is important that you pick the best juicer for your specific needs.

We have put together a range of juicer reviews to help you decide which juicer will suit you best. But before you dive into reading the juicer reviews, it is important to understand the different types of juicers and what their differences are.

You can read my Juicer Guide to get a general overview of the different types of juicers. From there you will be able to narrow down the type of juicer that is best for you and read our juicer reviews for that specific type of juicer.


Juicer Reviews the juicer guide


Juicer Reviews

We have only reviewed the best juicers on the market in an attempt to make the purchasing process stress free for you. After you have read our reviews, you should be able to make a decision on what juicer is best for you to buy.

We have provided links to each juicer, scouting out the best deals that we could find so that you can have your juicer delivered straight to your door.

We have reviewed juicing in the following categories; hydraulic, masticating, centrifugal and manual. Choose the reviews you would like to read by clicking the links below.


Juicer Reviews of Hydraulic Juicers


Juicer Reviews of Masticating Juicers


Juicer Reviews of Centrifugal Juicers


Juicer Reviews of Manual Juicers


Now all that is left to do is to head over to your local farmer’s markets and get juicing. We have range of recipes available for you to use, all tailored to your weight loss journey. And most importantly, all delicious. You can access our juicing recipes here.

Happy Juicing!