Do Juice Cleanses Work For Weight Loss?

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Juice cleansing and weight loss, these are two terms that seem to be mentioned together now more than ever.  If you search the internet there are a lot of stories of people who went on a juice cleanse and apparently lost weight due to it.

There has been no concrete evidence of this but, due to the effects a juice cleanse has on the body, it is very highly probable. In fact, I would say a juice cleanse will help you lose weight.

But in tandem with exercise and watching your diet. The question most people contend with is, do juice cleanses work for weight loss?


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What Is A Juice Cleanse

If this is the first time you are coming across the term ‘juice cleanse’ then let me fill you in. A juice cleanse is essentially a detox diet where an individual only consumes juices made from vegetables and fruits.

The juice cleanses may last from a few days to several weeks, depending on the preference of the individual. Does juice cleanses work for weight loss? This is a question that we will attempt to answer the main question that is, do juice cleanses work for weight loss?


Why Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss?

Why should I do a juice Cleanse? First off, before we answer “do juice cleanses work for weight loss”, we must find out the health benefits of doing a juice cleanse. Well for starters, you will get to flush your digestive system.

Going on a liquid diet means it does not sit in your system for long periods like a solid food diet would. Because it does not sit for long a liquid diet does not ferment and produce gas and is absorbed much more quickly.

Another positive thing about juicing is that you will get a higher intake of nutrients than you would on a solid food diet. Since the nutrients have already been juiced it is easier for your digestive system to absorb them into your body.

You will also gain more control over your appetite after the juice cleanse. Your body will have been used to subsisting on small portions of food with high nutrient content. This will carry on over when you are back on your normal diet.


So, Do Juice Cleanses Work For Weight Loss?

Now for the part you have been waiting for. Well, the answer to this is both yes and no because it fully depends on the individual undertaking the juice cleanse.  Firstly you will have to watch your diet during and after the juice cleanse.

You are likely to feel hungry while on the juice cleanse and this may tempt you to consume solid food thus impairing your weight loss goals. But if you manage to stick strictly to the juice cleanse it will help you lose weight.


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How Do Juice Cleanses Work For Weight Loss?

Your body stores up water in your muscles with glycogen. Going on a juice cleanse cuts down your calorie intake and thus forces your body to use up the glycogen.

As your body uses the glycogen you lose water weight with it. This is great for losing a bloated belly but, the downside is that you will gain water weight back if you return to your normal diet.

You will also lose weight in terms of muscle mass. In order for the body to maintain muscle mass, it requires proteins. While on a juicing cleanse you will only be consuming vegetables and fruits.

The lack of proteins in your diet means you will lose some muscle mass. This is why recommend a juice cleanse only as a kick starter to a long term weight loss program including juice, which you can read about here.


Effective Weight Loss With Juice Cleansing

So in order to effectively lose weight with a juice cleanse you will need to support it with changes in diet and also exercise. There are various juice cleanse plans to help you with a 3 day juice cleanse, 5 days, 10 days and a 30 day cleanse.

Each is purposed for a different need. If you plan on going on a juice cleanse, check out our other articles. We have various juicing plans which guide you in effectively losing weight with a juice cleanse.



So, do juice cleanses work for weight loss? In short, yes, they do, and quite effectively at that.