Juicing For Weight Loss And Energy

What Is Juicing?

If you have been trying to lose weight but find that nothing is working then juicing may just be what you have been looking for. Juicing involves going on a diet of juiced vegetables and fruits.

You still get to consume other foods, but the central part of your diet will consist of the juiced vegetables and fruits.


A Juicing Scene To Show Juicing For Weight Loss And Energy


Juicing And Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss and energy does work, but you must understand how to juice to lose weight. Many people who take up juicing end up replacing meals with juicing. This is not how to do it.

Yes, juicing does give you a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and energy but you still require to uptake calories in the form of solid food.

If you were to take only juice to replace the three servings of food a day, you would have to drink around 32oz of juice a day.


Benefits Of Juicing For Weight Loss And Energy


  • Easy Digestion

By far juicing of vegetables and fruits is much more comfortable than actually consuming them in their raw form.

Juicing saves your body the effort  and energy of having to break down the fruits and vegetables. Which in turn leaves with a lot of energy for other things.

Also by juicing you end up assimilating almost 100% of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. As opposed to raw consumption where some nutrients remain undigested.


  • Reductions In Cravings

Your body always ends up craving what it lacks hence loading up your cells with detoxifying nutrients through juicing will end up reducing your cravings.

The reason for this is that you have already given your body the nutrients it needs so you won’t feel the cravings to consume more food.


  • Better Taste

Store-bought juices are usually full of additives and flavor additives meaning you uptake a lot of unnecessary calories.

Juicing at home, on the other hand, ensures that you get the genuine taste of the fruits and vegetables that you juice.

While undertaking a juicing for weight loss and energy you want to make sure that you enjoy the process. By juicing at home, you get all the fruity flavor and nutrients without any chemicals added.


  • Reduced Appetite

This is one of the main reasons why juicing for weight loss and energy works so well. Because your body ends up getting all the nutrients in one go, you end up not feeling hungry after juicing.

You consume much less but absorb 100% of everything you need.


  • The juicing lifestyle

Because juicing for weight loss and energy doesn’t involve you cutting certain foods. Unlike other diets, most people end up incorporating it into their lifestyle.

Thus most people end up adopting a healthy way of living without much effort.


The Nutri-Stahl Showcases Juicing For Weight Loss And Energy


More Nutrients, Less Calories

Now for the why juicing works so well at weight loss and giving energy lies in how it helps us in the uptake of nutrient.

If you were to get the same amount of nutrients you get from juicing from raw fruits and vegetables you would have to consume more substantial portions.

Larger portions of food are the main reason people gain weight in the first place. With juicing you get all the benefits without having to consume as much.


Juicing vs. Smoothies

Many people are confused about juicing for weight loss and energy vs blending. Well, there is one significant difference between the two;

  • Making a smoothie involves blending meaning you keep all the pulp of the fruit and vegetables.
  • While in juicing you separate the pulp but you still get all the soluble fiber.


The DIfference Between A Smoothie And Juicing For Weight Loss And Energy


Starting Juicing

The benefits of juicing for weight loss and energy are quite numerous. There are plenty of articles on the web talking about juicing. These also include personal stories of juicers and how it helped them in losing weight.

Don’t expect the results to be instantaneous but you can expect to feel good once you start juicing. It takes one or two weeks before you start noticing the weight loss benefits of juicing.

If you are considering taking up juicing for weight loss and energy then I recommend that you take time to do your research. Find what works for you.

There are tons of juice recipes out there, and all are delicious. So, do your homework, but most of all have fun and enjoy the journey.