10 Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

The following article explores the ten best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss!

You will gain many new ideas for using your juicer to aid you in losing weight!

Continue reading to discover our top ten best things to juice for weight loss!

 Best Things To Juice For A Weight Loss Diet

10 Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

By now you’ve likely heard on television or read online about the benefits of juicing.

However, just in case you haven’t, or perhaps as a refresher, juicing is a wonderful option to getting all of the nutrients your body needs from raw fruits and veggies.

While being easy to take with you on the go and easier to digest than eating raw fruits and veggies! We will take a look today at the best things to juice for weight loss.

Many people use fruit and veggie juices as meal supplements and juice fasts to shed pounds quick.

You can still gain many of your essential nutrients while taking in very few calories, making these ideas some of the best things to juice for weight loss.

If a juice fast isn’t what you’re looking for, juicing still allows you to get all of those same nutrients for fewer calories as snacks between meals, before or after workouts, and even to replace a meal if you’re looking for something quick and low calorie.


Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefit of Grapefruit Juice for Weight Loss

Grapefruit juice is just one of the best things to juice for weight loss! People have been using grapefruit juice since the 1930’s to help them lose weight.

For decades grapefruit juice has helped people lose weight by curbing their appetite when consumed prior to meals. It seems to me that if people have been using grapefruit juice for that long, it’s a good idea to try it now!

One of the main components of grapefruit it an compound that is specific to grapefruits. This enzyme, called nootkatone, activates an enzyme called AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) that boosts metabolism and encourages weight loss.

This is really special because usually AMPK is activated by exercise and grapefruit is the only food that can do this!

To get the most benefit of grapefruit juice for weight loss, consume one glass before meals to encourage eating fewer calories at meals and activate the other benefits of grapefruit juice.


Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss Watermelon

Benefit of Watermelon Juice for Weight Loss

As the name suggests, watermelon has a very high water content—90 percent to be precise!

This high water content makes watermelon very hydrating, which helps prevent heat strokes, particularly important if you like to exercise outside in hot weather.

Also, being high in water content helps you to feel full. Combine that with the good fiber content and watermelon can be very filling!

Watermelon is very low in calories, has zero fat and is loaded with nutrients.

One of these nutrients if L-citrulline, which researchers believe to allow you to recover quickly from workouts, so you can get back to exercising sooner and therefore burning more fat and calories.

Experts recommend drinking watermelon juice midday, but suggest the morning is a good time as well. Although it is not recommended to drink at night before bed, it is still considered one of the best things to juice for weight loss


Pineapple Best Thing To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Pineapple Juice for Weight Loss

Pineapple juice has many health benefits making it one of the best things to juice for weight loss.

Pineapple juice contains zero fat and is a low calorie food.

It is also 87 percent water. The high water content helps you to feel fuller longer as well as increasing your overall water intake. We all know that part of a weight loss plan includes drinking plenty of water.

Digestion also plays an important part of losing weight. Pineapple juice contains two elements that are very helpful in promoting a healthy digestive system.

First, it has a high fiber content and second, bromelain. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties that has also been shown to help strengthen muscles.



lemon Best Thing To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Lemon juice has many health benefits generally speaking, but really excels when it comes to helping you lose weight. The best time to drink lemon juice is early in the morning and on an empty stomach, or during workouts, as well as 30 minutes before lunch or dinner.

Lemon juice contains citric acid and pectin, both of which help to aid digestion. Pectin also helps to promote the feeling of being full.

A special enzyme, limonin, aids with your body’s natural fat burning processes and lemon’s polyphenols boost your metabolism!

For all of these reasons, lemons are one of the best things to juice for weight loss.


apple Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Green Apple Juice for Weight Loss

One thing you always hear when discussing weight loss tips is avoiding foods that cause a sugar crash, for example, most vending machine snacks and drinks.

Green apples are a wonderful way to avoid the feeling the follows a sugar crash because you still can get the crunchy, slightly sweet, slightly tart flavors, but the high fiber causes the apple to digest more slowly.

This helps you to feel full for much longer and slows down how quickly the sugar is digested.

The high water content in green apples also helps to promote satiety. This high fiber and water content benefit is one of the keys making green apples one of the best things to juice for weight loss.

beetroot Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Beetroot Juice for Weight Loss

Another one of the best things to juice for weight loss are beetroots. Beetroots, like most fruits and vegetables, contain a high amount of dietary fiber, which aids in digestion and helps you to feel fuller.

Beetroots are very low in calorie and much lower in sugar than soft drinks and other drinks with added sugars.

Also, beetroots contain a couple of special compounds, nitrates and leucine.

Nitrates turn into nitric oxide when you eat or drink them. This in turn opens up the blood vessels and deliver much needed oxygen to your muscles.

This effect allows you to exercise longer and therefore burn more fat and calories. Also, beetroots contain leucine, which has been shown to reduce body fat percentages!


Kale Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Kale Juice for Weight Loss

Kale is a great addition to many juices, especially the “green juice” that is symbolic of the healthful juicing movement causing people to shy away from high calorie lattes.

This is because ounce for ounce, kale is extremely high in many nutrients, such as Vitamins A and C, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Kale is also very high in fiber.

All of these nutrients and fiber contained in a super low calorie food, making kale one of the best things to juice for weight loss benefits!


cucumber Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Cucumber Juice for Weight Loss

Cucumbers are one of the best things to juice for weight loss. They are extremely low in calories. I cup of cucumber juice has only 16 calories while also being high in fiber and high in water content.

Water and fiber are key for weight loss and for overall optimal health! Cucumbers are also great to combine with other fruits and vegetables as well.



carrots Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Carrot Juice for Weight Loss

Carrot juice plays host to a number of nutrients that are vital for good health, such as beta-carotene, which supports hearth health and eye health.

However, carrots are also extremely helpful for weight loss. Carrot juice is high in fiber content.

High fiber helps to promote feeling full and because fiber takes a long time to digest it helps that full feeling to last longer. This keeps you from heading to a vending machine for a high calorie and high fat food.

Carrot juice is best to drink every morning to start your day.Making it one of the best things to juice for weight loss!



ginger Best Things To Juice For Weight Loss

Benefits of Ginger Juice for Weight Loss

Ginger is one of the best things to juice for weight loss for a variety of reasons. Ginger aids digestion by keeping things moving through your system, which is important to keep your metabolism on track!

Also, ginger is a natural appetite suppressant!

Which is important to keep you from grabbing snacks that are probably not good for you, being high in calories and fat and low in nutrients.

One really amazing attribute of ginger is that it expands blood vessels which increases your body heat. When your body heat increases like that, it causes you to burn more fat!

Ginger also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which help to shorten recovery time between exercise sessions. Meaning you can get more workouts in and burn more fat and calories!

With all of those great reasons, and that ginger is a natural energy booster, there isn’t any reason not to add ginger to your juices today!


Serving Suggestions for Juice for Weight Loss

One great way to get a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet and gaining a plethora of nutrients at once is to combine various fruits and vegetables in juice form! Check out some of our delicious recipes here.

Combining fruits and vegetables to add flavor and nutrients are some of the best things to juice for weight loss. We’ll take a look at combinations that work well together next!

Combine cucumbers with carrots or beetroots to take advantage of naturally occurring sweetness and additional health benefits.

Or add chili pepper to give it a spicy kick as well as capsaicin which gives your metabolism a kick as well!

Carrots are great to mix with orange and beetroot. The flavors mix well together and you have the added health benefits of orange and beetroot!

Best Things To Juice For A Weight Loss Plan


Another great combination is carrots, green apples, pineapple and ginger! You get a lot of fiber and water content, helping you to feel full, while also getting a variety of essential nutrients to keep you healthy.

Lemons, apples and cucumbers also work together really well. It makes a great breakfast juice and contains voluminous healthful benefits!

Another great breakfast option is combining lemons, carrots, green apples and beets. The lemons give some zing to the sweetness of the other ingredients. This combination provides a lot of potassium, manganese, iron and Vitamin C!


With so many options to choose from, from green apples and cucumbers to kale and carrots, you can mix it up for flavor variety and to maximize your nutrient intake! Get your juicer ready and take advantage of the best things to juice for weight loss!