Picking The Best Juicer To Buy – The Ultimate Juicer Guide


What Is The Best Type Of Juicer To Buy?

With the latest reviews about juicing more and more people are turning to this alternative diet to change their lives. If you intend to try out juicing for weight loss then it is essential for you to know the best juicer for you to buy to fit your needs.


How Do I Know The Best Juicer To Buy For Me?

Picking out the best juicer to buy can be a tricky business. First off you must know why you want to buy the juicer.

  • Is it to go on an all-out full juicing diet?
  • To find the best juicer for leafy greens and hard vegetables?
  • Finding the best citrus juicer?
  • There are a ton of questions that you have to ask yourself before you decide to buy that juicer.

The main thing is to know exactly why you want a juicer. From there it gets easier to know what the best juicer to buy for you is.


Types of Juicers

In the current market, there are a variety of juicers that you can choose from and they are categorized into a few types.


 Centrifugal Juicers


Cuisinart CJE-1000 as the Best Juicer To Buy


Centrifugal juicers work by first chopping up the fruits and vegetables with a small blade and then spin the produce at a very high speed to extract the juice. The juice then drains from the bottom through small pores leaving the pulp behind.

The pros of the centrifugal juicer are that it is really fast. So if you are looking for something that offers quick juice fixes then this is the one for you.

The con is that it does not fully extract the juice from the produce and hence produces more waste than juice.

One of the best centrifugal juicers is the Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain costing around $100. With a staggering 4.5 star rating from over 5,600 reviews on Amazon. This is a very reliable and popular product. Which is why it is one of the best juicer to buy.


Masticating Juicers


Omega J8006 as the Best Juicer To Buy


The second category is masticating juicers.  The masticating juicer works by using a slow rotating auger to crush produce against a stainless steel mesh thus straining out the juice. This type of juicer is the best juicer for leafy greens and hard vegetables.

The main pros of this juicer are they have a high juice yield and have less oxidation for your juice meaning it stays fresh for longer. In general, the juice produced will retain its vitamins and minerals for 3 days, which is a long time in the juicing world.

On the downside, they require more prep work and time due to their slow process.

One of the best juicers in this category is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center, costing a pretty penny at about $250-$300. With over 3000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating.


Twin Gear Juicers

Best twin geared juicer to buy


Twin gear juicers may just be the best juicer for you to buy. Some twin gear juicers can cost well over $1000. These form the majority of commercial juicers designed to do bulk juicing. The lowest is around $300 for home purpose use.

The twin gear has two auger grinds that fully extract juice from your produce. The twin gear is one of the best juicers for greens and also the best citrus juicer.

The main pros of a twin gear juicer are that it has a higher juice yield than the previously mentioned juicers.

The juice from a twin gear juicer also stays fresh for longer with little oxidation happening during the juicing process and finally they are very quiet as compared to the centrifugal juicer.

The cons are that they are very costly and quite complicated to clean.

One of the best juicers to buy in this category is the Tribest Greenstar 5000 but it will put you back around $550 on Amazon. It has over 300 reviews and a 4 star rating.  It also comes in 3 different colours, which is a rare treat when buying a juicer.


Hydraulic Press Juicers


Best Juicer To Buy


The hydraulic press juicer works in an almost similar fashion to the other juicers in that it breaks down the produce first. From there the produce is placed between two steel clamps. Whilst wrapped in linen cloth and pressed at extremely high pressure to produce the juice.

The pros of the hydraulic press juicer are that it has the highest juice yield and produces a really dry pulp. This juicer is for those who are serious about undertaking juicing in their lives. It is definitely the best citrus juicer.

The cons are that it takes a lot of prep time and it is also expensive so you have to be invested.

The best juicer to buy in this category is the ultimate Norwalk juicer but is not for the faint of heart as it costs around $2500. With a 4 star rating on Amazon. Luckily there are cheaper options starting from about $400.



Manual Juicers


All you need for this type of juicers is some elbow grease. Most manual juicers are just masticating juicers without the motor. A manual juicer is perfect if you are starting out.

The pro of the manual juicer is that it is really good for juicing hard vegetables. It is also really easy to clean out.

The cons are that it is slow and doesn’t really extract all the juice from the pulp. You may get sore arms.

The best juicer to buy in this category is the Lexen GP27The Original Healthy Juicer costing around $70. There are plenty of cheaper manual juicers ranging from $10 to around $190.

The Lexen GP27 has over 900 customer reviews and a 4 star rating.



We have reviewed a range of juicers in all the different categories. So, do you now have an idea of the type of juicer that you would like to buy? Head over to the following pages to read some reviews of the best juicers to buy.

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