Beetroot And Carrot Juice For Weight Loss

Beetroot And Carrot Juice For Weight Loss


The following article explains the benefits of beetroot and carrot juice for weight loss help.

You will be able to add our recipe for beetroot and carrot juice to your diet and exercise plan in your weight loss journey!

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Beetroot And Carrot Juice For Weight Loss


Most people fight the weight loss battle off and on throughout their lives. In today’s world, it is easy to consume too much sugar, too many fats, and many other things in our foods and drinks that cause us all to battle our weight.

Many trends to fight the battle of the bulge come and go, often because it is discovered that many of the diet programs, pills and the like, aren’t good for us.

Juicing is different! Juices are made from fresh, raw vegetables and extract the nutrients right from the vegetable itself!


What is Beetroot and Carrot Juice?

Beetroot and carrot juice for weight loss is a combination of the two vegetables juices extracted straight from the raw vegetable itself. Loaded with nutrients, lower in sugar than other sweetened drinks, it is a great addition to your diet and exercise plan.


Why Does Beetroot And Carrot Juice For Weight Loss Work?

The juice from beetroot and carrots is much lower in calories and sugar from soda, mainly because there is no added sugar as beetroots and carrots are naturally sweet vegetables. Also, beetroot and carrot juice is high in dietary fiber, helping you to feel fuller longer.

Beetroot and carrot juice contain leucine, a fat decreasing amino acid! Besides leucine, beetroots and carrots are both full of necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle that promotes weight loss and management. And it has an extremely small amount of fat!

Also, beetroot and carrot juice has properties that aid with metabolism.


Beetroot And Carrot Juice For Weight Loss


When is the Best Time to Drink Beetroot and Carrot Juice For Weight Loss?

The best time to drink beetroot and carrot juice is post workout. Beetroot and carrot juice is thought to have properties that reduce post workout soreness and pain. Experts believe it helps promote muscle recovery and boosts stamina!


How Much Beetroot and Carrot Juice For Weight Loss Should You Be Drinking?

Experts suggest drinking 2 cups per day due to all of the benefits of beetroots and carrots!


Benefits Of Beetroots And Carrots

We’ve mentioned that beetroots and carrots have amazing benefits, let’s take a look at those now.

Benefits of Beetroots

beetroot Best Things To Juice For Weight LossBeetroots are a great way to get important daily nutrients, such as:

  • Nitrates, which positively affect blood flow and blood pressure, by widening the blood vessels, allowing better flow. Additionally, diets high in nitrates may help to prevent or slow the progression of dementia.
  • Folate is vital for women of childbearing age for healthy babies.
  • Potassium, an important mineral that helps prevent fatigue and muscle cramps. Extremely low levels of potassium can very well be life-threatening as they can affect the heart’s rhythm.
  • Vitamin C that boosts your immune system, as well as other important jobs such as preventing free radicals. Vitamin C also aids in iron absorption and healing of wounds.
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants, such as betalaines, possibly cancer-preventing, free radical scavengers that hunt down unstable cells and destroy them.
  • Other needed minerals such as, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and phosphorous.
  • Betaine is a amino acid that, although considered nonessential, has many benefits for a healthy heart, aiding in digestion, assisting with liver function, fat loss, development of muscle mass and more.


Benefits of Carrotsbeetroot and carrot Best Thing To Juice For Weight Loss

Carrots provide essential nutrients, such as:

  • Beta-carotene has many helpful functions, from improving and protecting eyesight, warding off macular degeneration, and cataracts, healing skin and reducing inflammation, preventing prostate cancer, and improving brain functions.
  • Lutein protects eyes from sunlight, which can be very harmful, and also helps protect eyes from macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin C helps to heal and protect your skin, boost your immune system,
  • Potassium, which helps to lower cholesterol, as well as fighting muscle cramps and fatigue.
  • Calcium is important for everyone, but women are particularly prone to having a lack of calcium. Pregnant and nursing women need even more calcium.
  • Folate for women that are pregnant or planning to be to promote healthy babies.
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin A
  • Various antioxidants that help to prevent and heal damaged cells and fight free radicals, which can help to prevent cancer.


Beetroot and Carrot Juice For Weight Loss Recipe

Equal parts beetrootroot and carrots (for example, 2 cups of each)

Juice from one lemon

Mint—a small handful

Water, to dilute if needed, based on taste preference


beetroot and carrot Best Thing To Juice For Weight Loss


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Juicing is a great way to enjoy many fruits and vegetables, as it is usually easier to digest than simply eating raw vegetables. Also, because cooking fruits and vegetables causes many of the nutrients to be lost, look to juicing as a great alternative. Easily portable as well!

Seems like now would be a great time to whip up some beetroot and carrot juice for weight loss help, don’t you?